Monday, November 9, 2009

A few things that I have sewn

Sunday, November 8, 2008

Today was spent moving and cleaning up to move. Blahhh. I hate moving! I moved from Arlington to Colorado City for a week and now am moving to Greenwood, just east of Midland. The land is barren, no trees, some tumbleweeds, lots of sand and millions of prairie dogs. It's a little overwhelming knowing that by spring there must be a fence, compost, graywater and rainwater systems, etc in place. So, my focus right now is the inside of the house. The kitchen is all redone-but with carpet. Now who in their right mind would put carpet in the kitchen?? So, the carpet is coming out and solito tile is going in. That happens to be my most fav tile of all time. It's so beautiful and natural. I tile anything that possibly can be tiled. It's an addiction! Today we pulled all the sand filled carpets out of two bedrooms to discover very beautiful wood floors! We were excited. I think that if the bedrooms are in order and the kitchen is ready to be cooked in; we can survive!! I'm unsure of where the sewing area is going to be for now, but since I have orders to fill for Christmas, I will figure it out quickly!!
I will add some pics of our home/construction/etc in a few days!