Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...let me show you!

Remember spring break? Well, all my crazy busy began there. Here are some pics:
The Cement Mixer. not my friend. it doesn't even LOOK friendly. 
The Sand and Pebble Pile. after adding some water to the above unfriendly cement mixer, I then shoveled approx 7 scoops of this into the mixer and then turned it on. When it 'looked' like the right consistency, I would add several shovel fulls of this:
The Cement Powder. you got it. unfriendly, but very very useful. A must in mixing cement. it is super fine, lightweight stuff, but does such a big, tough job. amazing. 

After the mixing is 'just right', Jeffrey would come with his wheel barrow and I'd dump it in and he'd go dump it and I'd start over. We did this about 2 million times in one day. Here's the point:
The Future Patio. with a fire pit/grill in the center. hmmm, whose idea was this? mine. I think the end result is gonna be well worth it.

We actually aren't finished with it yet. We are so close, but not quite there. Jeffrey has to keep going to work and working in New Mexico again this week isn't helping, so we just go on and dream of the finished project. 

I'll post an update and pics when it's completed!!