Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Halloween

oops! I loaded these backwards... oh well! So here are the pumpkins we carved at my sister Jacki's! We had loads of fun!
HAHA!! This is Zachary! He always does something funny!!

Alexander planning it all out!

Me and Cary hard at work. We looked pretty serious about our pumpkins!

He we are. Me, Cary, Zachary and Alexander. Alexander was talking on the phone to a girl...his grandma! She just happened to call while we were there so we passed the phone around to everyone, but he always talks a long time to her. Sometimes he calls just to chat! I think she likes it though!

Train ride

This is from the day Cary took me on the train for the first time. I didn't even care if we got off, I just wanted to ride! This is the inside of the train. We rode for awhile on the lower level, but as soon as I realized that there was a second level, we moved!
This is the old Dallas Courthouse. Pretty cool I thought. It really looks different from all the older west Tx courthouses that I am used to. I liked it alot. I took Brittany at night and this is really pretty!

I thought it was cool to see this up close. We always see it from the highway, but it's right near the station!

This is what the train looks like.

The Hurst/Bell station. I was a bit disappointed the first time because this is not very train station looking, but in Dallas, the station has a big building with lots of wooden benches like in movies, so I was satisfied. When I took Brittany at night, we were waiting for the train and a coyote came out of the woods, across the tracks, scanned the parking lot, then trotted across it and into the woods on the side of the lot. Interesting.

doing a little catching up

It's been a little crazy around here. We moved right before Thanksgiving and then I had some serious camera issues... so now hopefully I can try to catch up here and stay caught up! I am really hoping to do some tutorials in January. A couple friends of mine that are extremely beginner bakers and sewers have requested some tutorials with very basic and beginning baking and sewing. I am really looking forward to that alot!

This is the cake I made for myself. I forgot to take a picture before we cut into it!! It was very delicious! The pink was raspberry flavored!! This is from September on my birthday!! That day I was treated to a wonderful mexican dinner out with Cary, Ashley, Raven, Zachary and Alexander. They pitched in together and gave me a really awesome day spa gift card!! I haven't used it yet, but I haven't forgotten about it!! That is going to be a really great day!!