Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Super Cool Chalkboard Placemats!

I found the tutorial for this project at Little Birdie Secrets blog. This was the easiest project I have done in awhile! I made these as a Christmas gift and I think they will be a big hit! I'm thinking of adding either a tie or velcro to secure it when rolled, which led me to think of making a chalk roll instead of a crayon roll to go along with it! I will let you know and add pics if I decide to do that!

Men's Boxer Shorts

I made these yesterday as a gift for Christmas! I really like the fabric a lot. It's 100% cotton. I used a Quik Sew pattern and am super pleased! I had made my own pattern, but it lacked good instructions! I spent most of my time confused, but with this I was done in about an hour. I had cut the it out of the fabric while I was cooking supper, so when I got to the sewing part it took very little time.
back view

10 grain bread

Yum! I found a recipe for this bread using Red Mill 10-grain hot cereal. In the picture with the recipe, it showed whole grains but the only 10-grain cereal by Red Mill was not whole grains, so I just went for it. I really did want it as pretty as the picture though. This is THE easiest bread! Everything is just mixed together and left in the bowl to double, then cover losely and put it in the fridge to use during the week!

The finished product!! It is as delicious as it is pretty! Zachary cannot resist homemade bread! This is becoming a household favorite pretty quick!!