Monday, December 14, 2009

tote bags

These are my favorite bags so far! I really enjoy bags and making bags, so I know there are many more to come! The first bag is from fabric I found at a thrift store. Its a heavy weight fabric. I immediately knew what I would make from it. I had originally thought of using some brown corduroy for the bottom of the bag, but I found this suede like fabric and liked it for the bottom alot. I ended up using the corduroy to make a really cute owl backpack for a 4 yr old. I will put a picture of that on my blog soon.
I call this the skinny bag. Also thrift store fabric with the suede bottom. I have both of them for sale on etsy.

bibs and burp cloths

The pictures do not do these justice! These are soo cute and soft! They have terry backing and I was making them for a boy, but I found some cute fabrics to work. I really liked the bandana print bib/cloth. Alexander kept saying all of these were not good for boys, but later thought that maybe for a baby it was ok. He IS 13 you know, so being a man is his main focus these days.
I was real pleased with how great they looked folded and tied. I was really pretty happy with the whole project. It was quick and fun. The recipient was completely floored! She really was happy! That was my goal!


I had a request for 16 pair of mittens. I had only made a few pair-ever and now I was faced with making 16 pair!! I went to all the thrift stores in my area-which is not many-and grabbed up all the pretty and cute 100% wool sweaters they had. I washed them all in hot water and dried them. Then I started cutting out and mix matching for some really pretty mittens! Above is the stack of cut out, ready to be sewn wool mittens. I found a web site on accident that sells mittens that are made from recycled sweaters and they charge $36. Are their mittens better? Are they lined or something? I thought that was outrageous, but then again I am pretty frugal about things.
Here are some of the mittens all lined up and ready to go. I really hate that this is the only horrible picture I have of these. They really are cute. I had to use my cell phone to photograph these.