Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Organized Home, a WINNER and a Good Thrift Store Find

I have a continual dream of an organized home. Schedules that flow easily, children that flow with the schedules, husbands that don't randomly show up in the middle of the day saying please drop everything, I need you now, it will only take today but goes on consuming us for a whole week. Ahhh, a girl can dream, right??

I keep a binder like this, that contains all my important family info. Copies of birth certificates, shot records (if you do those), menu plans, school schedules, etc. I really found this helpful when my kids went to public school.

I really like these printable forms over at Organized Home. I can't believe my sister didn't create this site. She's always so in order and I'm the complete opposite. There are tons of different forms to print out; such as:
Daily To-Do List
Master To-Do List
Planner Pages-you know, refills

Weekly Chore Charts
Shopping List
Menu Planner
and lots more!! Don't take my word for it, go check it out and put them to use helping to organize your home and life.

There are also topics such as Freezer Meals, Time and Money and so many more! Go, print, create a household binder and be at least more organized!


Jacqueline Smith, from  macaroni & cheese is the winner of the cool yoga bag mat! Since I didn't have very many entries, we did not use, but I wrote the names on identical papers from a notepad, folded them, held them in the air and let my son reach in and choose. I sure hope to have many more entries in this weeks drawing.


I truly enjoy thrift store shopping. I like antiques stores, but sometimes they are too pricey. I'm cheap. I want cheap prices, so I tend to enjoy 'junk' stores better. I have a few favorites here in Midland that I will post about eventually, but today, let me show you what I found in Colorado City, about an hour west of Midland, on I-20.

I'm pretty excited about these. I got ALL OF THESE. for $6. I'M NOT JOKING!! I even asked Mr. Elroy Boedecker (owner), "are ya sure, for all?" He was sure and I scored!! I was sooo excited. I really needed the bigger of the pots, but I couldv'e lived without the smaller, but I'm already finding ways to use them, so I moved them over to the I needed them list.
Mr Boedecker dabbles in furniture refinishing and does quite an awesome job at it and I think he's too cheap, but he thinks it's fair. He has no internet or even a computer (we asked), but he has a telephone and you can call for directions or hours. If you pull up and he's home, he will open for you.
If you happen to go thru Colorado City or are there for a visit, not far from his shop is a wonderful plant nursery, Neff's Nursery that has been there for EVER and is also entirely too cheap on their pricing! They have charged 40 cents a vegetable plant for several years now. I buy all my wood stock plants (trees, grapes, berries, wisteria, etc) from them. They answer their phone too and will tell you what they have, give prices, when and how to plant. They are just NICE.
Here's the info to reach the above neat people in Colorado City. One day I'll post about 'THE VOICE OF MITCHELL COUNTY', but that's for a blog all on it's own!!
Mr. Elroy Boedecker
3318 N. Hwy 208
Colorado City, TX 79512
map to Mr Boedecker's place

Neff's Nursery & Greenhouses
3469 N. Hwy 208
Colorado City, TX 79512
map to Neff's Nursery


Jacki said...

whee! I won!

haha! that's funny about that organization site. I have made SO many organization sheets for myself it's almost embarrassing! There's nothing I like more than a good list! (except maybe filling it out!)

BeckyJ said...

I am DYING over your thrift store finds!! Especially the cast iron. I can't believe you only paid $6!

Thanks for sharing the Organized Home site. I had discovered it a long time ago but forgot about it. I could really use some of those pages right now.