Saturday, January 9, 2010

the gift of a shopping bag and tissue holder

My daughter, Brittany, works at a credit union and not long after starting there, she was required to bring a gift for a lady whose name was drawn. The gifts were to just shower her with kindness for the day, which is very sweet! Above is a cute little tissue holder that matches the shopping bag that I made to give. At Dollar Tree for $1 is an 8 pack of those little pocket size tissues! What a deal!! I made a ton of these and gave at Christmas! Easy and cute.
Above: the shopping bag all ready to give. I love tying everything up with ribbon. It's just so gifty looking!
Below: the bag laying flat.

Below: packaged and ready to be given!!

Turns out the recipient really liked her gift. I think it was the very best gift she got, but that's just me saying....

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Jacki said...

ha ha, I'm sure it was, indeed, the best gift she got.