Saturday, January 9, 2010

guy dish towels and cute slippers

I made these super cute and comfy slippers for some ladies for Christmas. They were all excited and put them on right away. To make them took very little fabric. In fact, the first pair I made I used a cute polka dot cloth napkin that I found at a thrift store for 10 cents. I found a suede jacket at a different thrift store and used it for the bottoms of the slippers for a more durable, non slip sole. It worked out really well. The inside is warm, soft fleece. Elastic at the back for a great fit. These were fun to make. Thank you Jacki for the pattern and the instructions that you had to email!! Below: I found these crazy guy looking dish towels and added ric rac to them. I got them for $1 each at Dollar Tree.
Here it is opened up. I wanted to give a gift to this guy who has always been sweet and helpful and whose family I absolutely adore! He is an amazing cook so I thought these were a great gift. He lives in Durango, CO on a cool ranch, so we also gave him super warm socks.

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