Saturday, January 9, 2010

shopping bags with produce bags

here is a cute shopping bag with a presidental print fabric that I picked up at Alco in Colorado City. They have a pretty decent selection of fabric and it's never priced over $3.99 a yard. They don't have huge amounts though. Anyway, as you can see, this is kind of unique. One of my sisters selected this for another sister of mine. Hope she likes it! Shown here with a mesh, drawstring produce bag included with every shopping bag! Another shopping bag that one of my sisters said looked like it's calling should be boxer shorts. None of the 'men' in my house agree and are not interested in boxers made from this fabric. So, I guess the remainder will go on to be something else. I did make a pair of slippers from this as well.
Below: here they are all wrapped up and gift ready! I love ribbon and tying things up like that! also shown here is my super adorable business cards that Jeffrey got me as a gift. thank you!!! I appreciate it a bunch-very generous!!

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